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My Fashion Design Entry!

Lately my dolls have been wearing these silver glitter tennis shoes:

IMG_1367I hadn’t explained how I’d made them yet, because they are part of my entry in The Doll Wardrobe Winter Fashion Design Challenge!

If you would like to read how I painted these shoes and the rest of the details on how I created this Cinderella inspired modern outfit, my entry is here.  There are also a bunch more finished product pictures like the one below:

Include (7)

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American Girl Doll Hawaiian Dress

Today I want to share some pictures of one of the few articles of clothing that I have bought for my dolls.  In fact, other than shoes, this is the only article of clothing I have ever bought for my AG dolls.

Interestingly, when I got this dress I didn’t even own an American Girl Doll!  I did have an Our Generation doll, however.  I was on vacation in Hawaii, and the hotel I was staying at had a booth in the lobby one day.  The booth was selling dresses for 18″ dolls.  I don’t remember how much this dress cost, nor if there were other color options.

Anyway, here’s some pics!

IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1624 IMG_1630

I tried out a pony tail hairdo on Rebecca’s curly hair.  When her hair is down, it hides her face.


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American Girl Pretty Pink Dress

I made this dress from the Lisianthus Dress pattern on Pixie Faire.  I had seen this dress on many dolls on Etsy and blogs, and liked it.  This pattern was the first thing I bought with the Pixie Faire gift card I received for Christmas!  The pattern is great, and the dress turned out very well.

I didn’t do the dress exactly the way as stated in the pattern.  I lengthened the back pattern pieces so the dress would have the ability to have a Velcro closure, rather than a zipper.  The skirt isn’t quite as ruffly in my version, due to the fact that my fabric wasn’t 37″ wide as needed in the pattern piece.  I did the sleeves slightly different.  I used the same pattern pieces, but left it out and pressed the “sleeves”.  Originally, this was supposed to be sewn in.  This does leave me with a raw edge.  Oh well.  My doll will wear this for Easter!

The necklace and bracelet I made with elastic cord and beads.  I had already made the necklace a few months ago, and made the bracelet to match when I made the dress.  The headband is a girl’s hairtye, but it has been stretched through normal wear to go perfect around the doll’s head.  She is wearing stick-on nail decals in the shape of pink cupcakes for earrings.

With that, I have an announcement to make.  I am opening an Etsy shop within the next month!  I am very excited to share my doll clothes and accessories with others.  More details coming soon!

On to the dress:

used DSCN2186DSCN2204DSCN2197used (2)

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American Girl Doll Red Ruffle Jumper

I wasn’t really sure what to call this little dress.  I used this tutorial, which is called the Shiny Happy Dress.  My version would be more aptly named Cute Cozy Dress.  The fabric for this dress is a slightly stretchable knit, upcycled from a human long sleeve t-shirt.

I have the dress layered over a white long sleeve t-shirt and grey 3/4 leggings (follow links for explanation and pattern links).  She is wearing a ribbon headband that closes with Velcro.  Her favorite sparkly shoes are special, and I will say why hopefully soon!

DSCN2042DSCN2044 DSCN2048 DSCN2050 DSCN2054


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American Girl Doll December Ruffle Dress

full body

On Pinterest I have seen a lot of ruffly t-shirt dresses for dolls.  When I realized that each time I saw one I repinned it to my “Sewing Ideas” board, I decided I’d better make one!  I used this t-shirt pattern, with the 3/4 sleeve variation.  I made no alterations to the pattern.

For the skirt part, I cut rectangles about 2″x20″ and 2 1/2″x20″.  I gathered them separately, then attached with a finishing stitch to the top.  I didn’t hem the edges on the skirt.  All other seams are finished, besides the one that attaches the sleeves to the body.

If I were to do it again (which I probably will do in a different fabric), I would remove the hem allowance from the t-shirt before attaching the skirt.  On this dress, the skirt begins a bit lower than I would like.

Merry Christmas!

back (2)sideways dressskirtfrontback

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American Girl Fall Time Dress


I stopped by Hobby Lobby to check out a few things and found fat quilting quarters measuring 18″ by 20″ for 84¢ in the remnant section.  Although this wouldn’t be enough material for human sized articles, it is enough to make a dress (or possibly two) for a doll!  I also found some other fabric (for under $1), which ya’ll will be seeing in future posts.

The bodice for this dress is from this pattern: Katie Dress.  I sewed some black rick rack to the neckline.  I didn’t put it anywhere else on the dress, because sometimes I think rick rack can be overpowering.  It attaches with Velcro in the back.  I am okay with using Velcro on doll dresses, instead of a zipper.  The skirt fabric is 4 1/2″ wide by 18″ long, gathered to 12 1/2″ long.

The shoes I purchased on, from Sophia’s as part of this set.  I realized when I put them on that they are rather tight.  They look fine, though.

The hair clip is a scrap of fabric folded over, hemmed on each edge, and folded in at the middle.  It’s hot glued to a 1″ mini alligator clip, which came in a pack of 25 from Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  That’s about 12¢ each.

A great place to find a lot of patterns without searching the Internet to find them yourself is Mommy’s Doll Club.  Each themed patterns post has links to many free online patterns.

This is my 100th post on this blog!





IMG_0665IMG_0655 IMG_0661


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American Girl Hankerchief Skirt Dress


This is mix of two patterns, the Liberty Jane Strappy Tank Top and this Hankerchief skirt tutorial.

I left the skirt the size and length the tutorial said to, so when I attached to the top, it was shorter as I desired.  The skirt falls just above the doll’s knee.

I made the tank top, removing about 1 inch or so from the bottom of it.  I cut the squares for the skirt and gathered it.  Then I attached the skirt to the top, closed the back of the skirt, and attached Velcro.

side back above

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American Girl Doll Summer Sundress

summer dressI don’t know the name of the fabric this dress is made of, but it is very light and soft (like flannel). It’s the kind of fabric would be good to make a pair of summer pajamas out of.

I didn’t use a pattern for this dress.  The shirring on the top was already done, which gave me the idea for this dress.  I measured her front from armpit to armpit, straight across, because I knew the fabric was stretchable.  I also measure the back the same way.  I added a little extra in the back, so I could put Velcro on.  In the end, the front was 6 inches, and the back was 8 inches.  If I were to do it again, I would do the back 7 1/2 inches or even 7 inches, since the back isn’t tight fitting.

I cut the back piece down the middle, then stitched it back together almost all the way to the top, but left enough so I would have room for adding Velcro.

I attached the front and the back, and hemmed the bottom.

The straps I attached on the front, and the stitches aren’t hidden.  I thought it looked better with a little V.

The dress was very simple to make.  To do the shirring/smocking yourself, all you would need to do is hook up your sewing machine with elastic thread and stitch!  I, however, do not have a sewing machine so I must take advantage of pre-sewn fancies.

The fabric flower is currently sewn to a regular human sized hair tie, which is stretchy enough to go over the doll’s head.  When I have a hair clip available, I’m going to take the flower off the hair tie and hot glue it to the clip.  I think that would be much better then a headband, especially one that is turquoise and doesn’t match the dress!

Anyway, the fabric flower I found here and I did it exactly the way the directions said, except I had to size it down.  Any smaller, and it would be difficult – not impossible, though – to sew together.

If this style of flower doesn’t match your outfit, you may find a flower for you here.

Next is a Disney Frozen outfit!


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American Girl Doll Laura Ingalls Outfit

IMG_1115This dress is modeled after the Little House on the Prairie dresses that the Ingalls girls wear.  I made my own pattern for the top of the dress (and used it again for the apron).  I sewed gathered rectangles of cloth and sleeves to the dress top to make it.  I did the same with the apron, but without the sleeves.

The bonnet I found a human pattern for here, and printed it doll size.  I also made a full sized one for myself for fun!

The back of the bonnet that covers the neck is a bit long on the doll, so eventually I’m going to shorten it.


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American Girl Doll Clothes


So I found a bunch of pictures of doll clothes I made two years ago.  The pictures aren’t awesome, and the backdrop is my cello case, but I decided to put them up anyway.

The first is a pink and white flowered Easter dress with a bow in the front and in the back.  It’s on the left.  And I didn’t use patterns for these, I just made them.  As always, it’s all hand stitched.

I made the pink flower summer dress.  The top of the dress is pleated.

Then there’s also the pink satiny nightgown, and then the winter bonnet with fur.  Very warm.




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