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Kidz n Cats Pajamas

I made some pajamas for my Kidz n Cats doll!  They are more cold weather pajamas, so they will mostly be put away until fall.IMG_2650

I used fabric from a regular pajama top.  For the doll top, I used the free Pixie Faire t-shirt pattern for Kidz dolls.  I lengthened the short sleeves included in the pattern.  I also added ribbing to the end.IMG_2649

I used another Pixie Faire pattern (the basic pants pattern) for the pj bottoms.  I altered the pattern to be leggings for an American Girl Doll, then I changed that alteration to fit my Kidz doll.IMG_2656 IMG_2660

Her stuffy is a Coca Cola polar bear 🙂IMG_2652 IMG_2668


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Kidz n Cats Sophie with a Waterfall Headband

I think it’s fun to find hairstyles for girls, and translate them to doll hair.  This time I did a waterfall headband, which you can see the tutorial for from Cute Girl Hairstyles here.  My Sophie doll is fun to do hairstyles on because she has long, thick, soft and shiny hair.  To do this on your doll, she will probably need to have a parting wig, which means the wig does not have a sewn in part.  For example, AG Mckenna and Kailey have parting wigs.  This hairdo may also work on a low side part.


Front viewDSCN4936 DSCN4942

Top, waterfall to the rightDSCN4944

For this picture I put the “waterfall” strands of hair falling to the left side of her face.DSCN4957

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Kidz n Cats Sundress and Braid Bun Hair

I sewed up a sundress for my Kidz and Cats doll out of a shirt.  The original top already had the shirring, so all I had to do was cut a rectangle and sew a seam on one side to make a tube.  The original top also had strings, which I cut and sewed to the sundress to make a halter top style.  I made a similar dress for my American Girl Doll here.  You can read about the matching flower headband in the pictures below there as well.

For this bun, I put the headband on first.  Afterwards, I took a section on each side from near the ear and braided it.  I then had two braids on each side, and a large lock of hair in the middle.  middle section of hair I twisted up into bun, securing it as I went with bobby pins.  Once I had the bun in place, I wrapped the braids around and pinned them.


Front viewDSCN4963

DSCN4967 SideDSCN4971 DSCN4969 DSCN4979DSCN4982

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Kidz n Cats Heart Skirt and Tank Top

The very first outfit I made for my Kidz n Cats doll I took pictures of but hadn’t gotten around to posting them yet.  The outfit includes a skirt and matching tank top.  Both are up-cycled.

I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt, but used the Liberty Jane Tank Top pattern designed for American Girl Dolls.  A few weeks ago, Liberty Jane released a free t-shirt pattern designed for Kidz dolls.  Just leave off the sleeves to make a tank top!  Liberty Jane also just published another clothing pattern for Kidz dolls, the Jeans bundle.


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Today’s New Listing… Black Denim Shorts, Kidz n Cats Doll Clothes

I made a new listing on my Etsy shop yesterday, but wasn’t able to post here about it.  So here is yesterday’s new listing of grey sweatpants: (Click the photo to view the listing)DSCN4098 Today’s new listing is a cute pair of black denim shorts for Kidz n Cats dolls or other slim 18 inch dolls.  I hope to expand and offer more items in my shop for this type of doll soon.DSCN4120

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Playing Chalk – A Short Photo Shoot

DSCN3236 DSCN3239 DSCN3251 DSCN3246DSCN3247DSCN3254Her Outfit:

Shoes: Hobby Lobby

Skirt: Made by me – a rectangle cut from a cotton handkerchief, hemmed, and an elastic waistband

Leggings: See here

Sweatshirt: Made with Simplicity pattern 4297, sweatshirt B

Hat: Made by me – up-cycled from a human top and sewn to make a hat, for a little more on this method of making a beanie, see here


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Today’s New Listing… Pink Floral Skirt for Kidz n Cats

Click the photo to view the listing:


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Today’s New Listing… Flannel Pajama Shorts for Kidz n Cats Dolls

Click the photo to view the listing:


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Today’s New Listing… Pink Ruffle Skirt – Kidz n Cats Dolls

Click the photo to view this listing:1

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Kidz n Cats T-shirt and Skirt Outfit

I upcycled this doll t-shirt, and the skirt was a human skirt.  Pixie Faire recently published a Kidz n Cats Trendy Tee pattern for free.  There are very few patterns available for this type of doll, so I’m hoping Pixie Faire will publish more as time goes on.

DSCN2793 DSCN2789DSCN2786

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