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Craft Week at My New Location!

This week at my new blog location I am doing 4th of July craft posts every day with a final photoshoot incorporating all the crafts on the 4th!  The posts will only be at my new blog location, I just wanted to let ya’ll know so you don’t miss it!

Also, if you are wondering how to follow my Blogger blog (or another blog) using a WordPress account, I did a tutorial post on the easy process here.


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Hi there!

I wanted to let you know that my blog is changing locations.  I won’t be posting here anymore, because I have run out of storage for uploading pics.  I will continue posting about my Etsy shop, crafts, doll photo shoots, and other stuff I normally post about, but just at a different location.  This blog will still remain available for the browsing of previous posts.

Here is the new link!

I have already posted a fun photo shoot there today!

Thank you for supporting, following, liking, and commenting on this blog for the past year!  I would love it if you would follow me to my new blog, I’ve got a lot of fun posts coming!

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New Listing on Etsy

Today I listed some cute leopard print active wear leggings!  See them here!

Thank you for over 9,000 views here on my blog!

Also, the free pattern on Pixie Faire today for Freebie Friday (one day only!)  is the very cute Cut Off Shorts pattern!


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Today’s New Etsy Listing

Click here to hop over to my Etsy shop to see the patriotic new listing for today!


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Kidz n Cats Pajamas

I made some pajamas for my Kidz n Cats doll!  They are more cold weather pajamas, so they will mostly be put away until fall.IMG_2650

I used fabric from a regular pajama top.  For the doll top, I used the free Pixie Faire t-shirt pattern for Kidz dolls.  I lengthened the short sleeves included in the pattern.  I also added ribbing to the end.IMG_2649

I used another Pixie Faire pattern (the basic pants pattern) for the pj bottoms.  I altered the pattern to be leggings for an American Girl Doll, then I changed that alteration to fit my Kidz doll.IMG_2656 IMG_2660

Her stuffy is a Coca Cola polar bear 🙂IMG_2652 IMG_2668


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New Etsy Listing Today:

Click the photo to view the listing on Etsy:Upcycled Green Butterfly T-Shirt - American Girl Doll Clothes


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Triple Knot Hairstyle

This hairstyle is called the Triple Knot Hairstyle, and I learned how to do it here.  All you will need to do it on your doll is a couple bobby pins.  I use the Mini Goody pins.  Larger bobby pins may work too, however they will be harder to cover up.

This hairstyle is very easy, fast, and cute for summer!
DSCN4991 DSCN4992 DSCN4993


AboveDSCN4996Side View


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Our Generation “Red All About It” Shoe Review

I have decided to write my first review on a pair of shoes I recently got!  The Our Generation “Red All About It” shoes are a sparkly coral-ish pink.


They have a cute ribbon bows on the front, and silver metal studs all the way around.  The studs rattle a little when putting on the shoes, but it doesn’t look like they will fall out.DSCN5085I expected the shoes to have a gritty feel to them, because of the glitter.  Actually, they are quite soft to the touch.DSCN5075I have heard that some Our Generation Shoes don’t fit American Girl Dolls well.  However, these flats fit my AGs very nicely.DSCN5079I especially like these shoes because they are a unique color.

The soles are black plastic, similar in material to the soles of the purple shoes in this outfit which are from Sophia’s on Amazon.DSCN5082

Thanks for reading!

* I am not affiliated with any doll company


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What My Dolls are Wearing Today!

I’m excited to show you what my dolls are wearing today!

IMG_2562 My Rebecca doll is wearing lovely outfit with many different colors, and my other AG doll is wearing a Frozen inspired outfit.  All items, except the shoes, are made by me.


You can see how I made the shirt here, and how I made the shorts here.

Sparkly headband (see here) and shoes (from American Fashion World on contribute to the “frozen” theme.IMG_2550IMG_2557

For this outfit, the post featuring the t-shirt is here (since the post I have added a rhinestone flower to the front), and the leggings here.


The hot pink high tops are from Sophia’s.IMG_2556Also, it’s Freebie Friday today over at!  The free pattern for today is the Gladiator Sandals for 18 inch dolls. You can hop on over and download it by clicking here!


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This Week’s Etsy Release!

Click the photo to view the listing:Halter Top - American Girl Doll Clothes

Upcycled Burnout Halter Top

White Denim Shorts - American Girl Doll Clothes

White Denim Shorts

Blue Burnout Halter Top - American Girl Doll Clothes

Upcycled Blue Burnout Halter Top

White Denim Skirt

Upcycled Floral Knit Shorts - American Girl Doll ClothesUpcycled Floral Knit Shorts


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