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American Girl Doll Buzz Lightyear Outfit

DSCN2322 My dolls appreciate anything Disney to wear!  This Buzz Lightyear t-shirt I upcycled from a boys Toy Story graphic t-shirt.  I used the this pattern from Simply Sweet and Sewn.

DSCN2323The matching green leggings are made with an altered version of this pattern from Sew Adollable.

DSCN2324The shoes are American Girl JLY purple flats.

DSCN2331 DSCN2332


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Rebecca’s Valentine’s Day Outfit

I decided to make cute Valentine’s Day outfits for my dolls.  Rebecca got her outfit first!

DSCN2288The t-shirt I up-cycled using the Liberty Jane Pattern from a normal off-white t-shirt.  After seeing Doll-it-up’s post about embellishing a doll t-shirt, I thought I would try out a similar method.  I didn’t have freezer paper or fabric paint, but I did have acrylic paint and a heart stencil.  I combined two colors of acrylic paint to make a shade of pink, and added a very small amount of water to the mixture to thin the paint.  A paint medium would have been more ideal.  Acrylic paint applied directly to fabric stiffens the fabric.  Even with a bit of water in it the paint dried stiff, but it still worked out.  I used glitter acrylic paint, mixed with water, over the pink.

DSCN2302I up-cycled the vest from a human vest.  The great thing about up-cycling is the ability to reuse finished hems.  The top edge of the collar I reused from the human vest, as well as the lining hem around the bottom edge of the vest.  The outside of the vest is red, and the lining is red, black and white plaid.  The back of the vest has a “V” shape top stitching, which was on the original vest as well.

I used the Liberty Jane Tank Top Pattern to make the vest.  The back pattern piece I cut on a fold and made no other alterations to it.  The front piece I cut on a fold, and then cut in half down the middle.  I didn’t include a zipper on the vest, because I knew that I wanted to pair it with the heart shirt and the heart would then be covered.


The leggings are featured in this outfit and the shoes are pink high tops from Sophia’s.DSCN2305 DSCN2289DSCN2295 DSCN2318

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American Girl Doll Red Ruffle Jumper

I wasn’t really sure what to call this little dress.  I used this tutorial, which is called the Shiny Happy Dress.  My version would be more aptly named Cute Cozy Dress.  The fabric for this dress is a slightly stretchable knit, upcycled from a human long sleeve t-shirt.

I have the dress layered over a white long sleeve t-shirt and grey 3/4 leggings (follow links for explanation and pattern links).  She is wearing a ribbon headband that closes with Velcro.  Her favorite sparkly shoes are special, and I will say why hopefully soon!

DSCN2042DSCN2044 DSCN2048 DSCN2050 DSCN2054


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Jeans Attempt

This week I attempted making a pair of American Girl Jeans using the Liberty Jane Bootcut Pattern. It was the second time I’ve used the pattern. The first time it turned out okay, but the second time I knew the ropes of how to assemble it better. I used an old pair of my jeans for fabric, and, perhaps because of the way I cut the pattern pieces (attempting to avoid the lighter parts of the denim), I am probably not going to be able to make another pair from the same fabric. I could probably get a pair of shorts out of it, but not another pair of long doll jeans.

Anyway, I had finished the jeans!! I put them on my doll and they were very baggy and too long in the leg. Hm. I guess I didn’t use enough seam allowance. I attempted to fix them by re-hemming the legs shorter and making the pant legs tighter. It didn’t work out so well.

I ended up trying to downsize them to fit my Kidz doll. I took in the waist, as well as removed the back pockets.

This is what I got:




It would have worked great if I hadn’t taken it in too much! The jeans were extremely difficult to get on. But now I know for future reference that the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern can be changed to fit Kidz and Cats dolls if done correctly 🙂

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AG and Kidz Doll Christmas Pajamas


It’s getting into the 20°F’s here, so it’s time for warm flannel snowflake pajamas!  I bought 1/4 yard of this fabric at Jo-Ann.  I had wanted to make pajama pants for my AG doll, and a nightgown for my Kidz doll out of the same fabric.  Unfortunately, while cutting the pattern pieces I realized I wouldn’t have enough fabric to do this.  The nightgown ended up being a shirt instead, but I had some white leggings on hand, so it turned out great anyway!

For the Kidz outfit, I made a flannel long-sleeve top, white knit leggings, and a skinny headband out of the fabrics scraps.  The top I based with this pattern.  I cut it about 2 1/2 inches shorter, which made it go until about 3/4 of an inch below the armpit.  There, I gathered a rectangle and attached it to the upper top.  I top stitched this, because I added top stitched hong kong finish to the sleeves and neck, mostly to lengthen the edges a little.  The jammie top attaches in the back with 2 snaps.  I have been working on improving my skills and this top has all finished edges except for the sleeve and neck hong kong has one raw edge each.


The headband was very simple, I didn’t measure or anything for it.  I took a scrap and folded over the edges and stitched on each side, and then added a little elastic.  I don’t like headbands for my dolls to be super tight, so I made this one loose.  Looser is better than tighter, I think, because it goes on and off easily, and doesn’t crease the hair.

IMG_0582.JPGThe leggings are featured in this outfit.



For the American Girl Doll pajama outfit, I used a plain white tank top that I had on hand.  The tank top was made from this pattern.


The little bow is made from extra fabric scraps.  I hot glued it, and then hot glued it to an alligator clip.  This bow I learned to make here.  It’s down the page a bit.


The pants are from this pattern bundle, which is $5.99.  I got it for free on Freebie Friday!  If you haven’t checked out Pixie Faire’s Freebie Friday, you definitely should.  Every Friday, a vote takes place to determine which of four chosen patterns will be available to download for free.  Today is Friday!  Go to Pixie Faire and get the free pattern for today!  Even if the pattern isn’t something I interested in at the moment, I always download it.  I never know what I may want to sew in the future!

Which do you like better, the Kidz or AG pajama outfit?




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American Girl Doll Pink Sweater


This is an up-cycled sweater made from Simplicity Pattern 4297 shirt A.  I did not alter this pattern at all.  I cut the edges of this sweater on the edges of the original sweater, so I didn’t have to do any hemming which made the project rather quick.  It closes in the back with Velcro.  Underneath the sweater the doll is wearing a white t-shirt.  It looks cozy for the cold weather that is already upon us.

The leggings are featured in this outfit.



Sweater front and back on the doll

The toms style shoes are made from contrasting colors of duct tape.  I used this YouTube video.IMG_0563.JPG


Sweater front and velcro back

To complete the outfit, the doll has stick on pink heart “earrings”.  These are nail decals and are the perfect size for doll ears.



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American Girl October Outfit

IMG_0551It’s my American Girl Doll’s turn to pose with the mini pumpkins!

This was the first long-sleeve t-shirt I made, and I was rather pleased with the outcome!  This is the pattern I used.  I searched Google Images and found a cute little picture of Woodstock from Charlie Brown on a pumpkin surrounded by leaves to go on the front of the t-shirt.  I printed the photo on iron-on transfer paper.   images


The leggings, of course, are the free leggings pattern from  I added about 3/4 of an inch or so to the top of the pattern to make the waistband higher on the doll’s waist.  Previously with this pattern I had noticed that the leggings didn’t come up far enough.

The scarf is from this tutorial.  The boots pattern is from here, and they were also featured in this post.  I have felt for a caramel pair of boots and also black glitter, but I haven’t gotten to them yet…



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American Girl Doll Casual Outfit

casual outfit front

So in my basketball outfit, I used a pattern for the shorts that I decided not to use again.  The reason was because the shorts ended up too tight around the waist.  I tried another shorts pattern for this outfit.  They turned out exactly the opposite.  Way too big.  I’m going to try one more pattern, and then, if it doesn’t work out for a third time, I’ll let it go for a while.

So instead of making jean shorts to go with my blue trendy t-shirt from, I made some stretchy daisy print leggings.  I also used the leggings in my Black and Purple Skirt Outfit.  The leggings are very simple and easy, and take me about 15 – 20 minutes to make without a sewing machine.

Here is the Free Doll Trendy T-Shirt Pattern from

Here is the free leggings pattern from   casual outfit
casual topcasual bottoms


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American Girl Doll Clothes — Purple and Black Skirt Outfit

outfit (2)

This outfit is a bunch of different patterns. The t-shirt pattern is from here.  The leggings pattern I found on How to Sew Leggings for American Girl Dolls.  The scarf I made with this tutorial from Pixie Faire: Easy Infinity Scarf.  And lastly, the skirt I didn’t use a pattern for, I just cut a rectangle, hemmed it, sewed a tube at the top and put the elastic through.   The materials I used for this outfit were all from old clothes.

I haven’t fully completed this outfit yet.  Instead of the black t-shirt for a top, I plan to  eventually make a purple t-shirt and put a ruched tank top over it.

Here are each of the items in the outfit.  They were all super easy to make, and I do everything hand stitched.

skirt leggings  scarf shirt

I’m currently working on a basketball jersey outfit!  I will post it soon!



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