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American Girl Swimsuit


About 2 years ago, I made this swimsuit out of one of my old swimsuits.  I didn’t use a pattern, I just fitted it to the doll as I sewed.  The straps turned out a little uneven, but I think it’s okay.




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Kidz n Cats Sophie

sophieI am very excited to announce that I found a good deal on Ebay for the Kidz n Cats Sophie doll and made a purchase!  She is currently en route.  Since she arrives in winter clothes and it’s clearly summer outside, I have already begun making her new clothes.  I read online that her “season” is spring, so I’m starting with light colors and pastels.

Since there are virtually no Kidz n Cats sewing patterns online, the most I can find anywhere is here, I am adapting the patterns I can find into different clothes.  Also, since I don’t have the doll yet, I’m hoping that the stuff I’m making will fit.

So far I’ve got two skirts (one green/yellow with hearts, the other floral pink) and a yellow floral dress with much more to come.


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Free American Girl Pattern Every Friday has hundreds of patterns for all assortments of dolls, and every Friday, they give a free pattern!  This Friday the free pattern is the Picture Day Flounce Skirt.  Click here to go to and see the free pattern!

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American Girl Hankerchief Skirt Dress


This is mix of two patterns, the Liberty Jane Strappy Tank Top and this Hankerchief skirt tutorial.

I left the skirt the size and length the tutorial said to, so when I attached to the top, it was shorter as I desired.  The skirt falls just above the doll’s knee.

I made the tank top, removing about 1 inch or so from the bottom of it.  I cut the squares for the skirt and gathered it.  Then I attached the skirt to the top, closed the back of the skirt, and attached Velcro.

side back above

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Star Alpha Bracelet Pattern

I have searched the internet over for a suitable five point star alpha pattern for my 4th of July bracelet I plan on making.  I found only one pattern, but it wasn’t really what I wanted my stars to look like.  Therefore, I created my own star pattern in Paint.  For a tutorial on how to create a pattern of any picture in Paint, go here.  I didn’t want the bracelet to be super wide, so I made the star smaller and added more blocks until it was 12 by 17.  I would add at least one knot of background color on the sides, to make it 14 knots wide.  That’s about 3/4 inch, depending on what floss is used.  I use regular embroidery floss.

Anyway, so when I was finished making the pattern in Paint, I transferred it here.  Technically, I didn’t really have to do that, but I wanted the pattern to be clear and bigger.

Here is the final pattern:

Star pattern


When made into a bracelet, the knots overlap and aren’t perfectly regular squares.

I’m going to try the pattern out alternating red and white stars over a blue background.  If it works out, I’ll post it!

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