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Kidz n Cats Doll Blue Dress

This dress was made from an altered version of this dress pattern for free here.  It is designed as a one-strap dress, but to make a two sleeved version of it, I cut the fabric on a fold with the center of the pattern on the fold, so when I am done I have two straps!  I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt.  For some reason almost every time I make a dress for my Kidz n Cats doll, I don’t have enough fabric to make the skirt as long as I would like.  I was already planning on overlaying the plain cornflower blue cotton with the blue chiffon.  When I realized the cotton would be shorter than planned, I made the chiffon overlay longer to make the dress more appropriate.  The result isn’t quite ideal, but that’s okay.  Both fabrics I got from the remnant section of the fabric stores I shop at.  The bodice is self-lined with white cotton.  Also, this shade of blue isn’t exactly an Easter blue, but it matches her eyes well.

Now all three of my girl dolls have Easter dresses.  Planning ahead!

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

I did a sepia effect on accident for this one and kept it 🙂
IMG_1451 IMG_1456

When she’s sitting, she can completely hide behind her long golden hair.IMG_1442

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American Girl Pretty Pink Dress

I made this dress from the Lisianthus Dress pattern on Pixie Faire.  I had seen this dress on many dolls on Etsy and blogs, and liked it.  This pattern was the first thing I bought with the Pixie Faire gift card I received for Christmas!  The pattern is great, and the dress turned out very well.

I didn’t do the dress exactly the way as stated in the pattern.  I lengthened the back pattern pieces so the dress would have the ability to have a Velcro closure, rather than a zipper.  The skirt isn’t quite as ruffly in my version, due to the fact that my fabric wasn’t 37″ wide as needed in the pattern piece.  I did the sleeves slightly different.  I used the same pattern pieces, but left it out and pressed the “sleeves”.  Originally, this was supposed to be sewn in.  This does leave me with a raw edge.  Oh well.  My doll will wear this for Easter!

The necklace and bracelet I made with elastic cord and beads.  I had already made the necklace a few months ago, and made the bracelet to match when I made the dress.  The headband is a girl’s hairtye, but it has been stretched through normal wear to go perfect around the doll’s head.  She is wearing stick-on nail decals in the shape of pink cupcakes for earrings.

With that, I have an announcement to make.  I am opening an Etsy shop within the next month!  I am very excited to share my doll clothes and accessories with others.  More details coming soon!

On to the dress:

used DSCN2186DSCN2204DSCN2197used (2)

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American Girl Doll Summer Sundress

summer dressI don’t know the name of the fabric this dress is made of, but it is very light and soft (like flannel). It’s the kind of fabric would be good to make a pair of summer pajamas out of.

I didn’t use a pattern for this dress.  The shirring on the top was already done, which gave me the idea for this dress.  I measured her front from armpit to armpit, straight across, because I knew the fabric was stretchable.  I also measure the back the same way.  I added a little extra in the back, so I could put Velcro on.  In the end, the front was 6 inches, and the back was 8 inches.  If I were to do it again, I would do the back 7 1/2 inches or even 7 inches, since the back isn’t tight fitting.

I cut the back piece down the middle, then stitched it back together almost all the way to the top, but left enough so I would have room for adding Velcro.

I attached the front and the back, and hemmed the bottom.

The straps I attached on the front, and the stitches aren’t hidden.  I thought it looked better with a little V.

The dress was very simple to make.  To do the shirring/smocking yourself, all you would need to do is hook up your sewing machine with elastic thread and stitch!  I, however, do not have a sewing machine so I must take advantage of pre-sewn fancies.

The fabric flower is currently sewn to a regular human sized hair tie, which is stretchy enough to go over the doll’s head.  When I have a hair clip available, I’m going to take the flower off the hair tie and hot glue it to the clip.  I think that would be much better then a headband, especially one that is turquoise and doesn’t match the dress!

Anyway, the fabric flower I found here and I did it exactly the way the directions said, except I had to size it down.  Any smaller, and it would be difficult – not impossible, though – to sew together.

If this style of flower doesn’t match your outfit, you may find a flower for you here.

Next is a Disney Frozen outfit!


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