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Kidz n Cats Pajamas

I made some pajamas for my Kidz n Cats doll!  They are more cold weather pajamas, so they will mostly be put away until fall.IMG_2650

I used fabric from a regular pajama top.  For the doll top, I used the free Pixie Faire t-shirt pattern for Kidz dolls.  I lengthened the short sleeves included in the pattern.  I also added ribbing to the end.IMG_2649

I used another Pixie Faire pattern (the basic pants pattern) for the pj bottoms.  I altered the pattern to be leggings for an American Girl Doll, then I changed that alteration to fit my Kidz doll.IMG_2656 IMG_2660

Her stuffy is a Coca Cola polar bear 🙂IMG_2652 IMG_2668


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Playing Chalk – A Short Photo Shoot

DSCN3236 DSCN3239 DSCN3251 DSCN3246DSCN3247DSCN3254Her Outfit:

Shoes: Hobby Lobby

Skirt: Made by me – a rectangle cut from a cotton handkerchief, hemmed, and an elastic waistband

Leggings: See here

Sweatshirt: Made with Simplicity pattern 4297, sweatshirt B

Hat: Made by me – up-cycled from a human top and sewn to make a hat, for a little more on this method of making a beanie, see here


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Kidz n Cats Toms Shoes

I decided to try out this Toms style shoe pattern for Kidz n Cats Dolls since the only shoes my Kidz doll has are the boots she came in.  I had some leftover brown wool, and had bought some craft foam in the case that I wanted to make shoes.  These were relatively simple to make.  Unfortunately, for some reason unknown to me, the shoes ended up being too big!  Hmmm.  I wonder what happened…  (Pictures of the shoes are below)

Anyway, my Etsy shop, that will be opening soon, is beginning to form!  I’ve got some items ready to be listed as soon as I open.  I created a website for my shop and the link will be posted here soon.  The website has a sneak peek of what I will be offering!

IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475

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Kidz n Cats Doll Blue Dress

This dress was made from an altered version of this dress pattern for free here.  It is designed as a one-strap dress, but to make a two sleeved version of it, I cut the fabric on a fold with the center of the pattern on the fold, so when I am done I have two straps!  I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt.  For some reason almost every time I make a dress for my Kidz n Cats doll, I don’t have enough fabric to make the skirt as long as I would like.  I was already planning on overlaying the plain cornflower blue cotton with the blue chiffon.  When I realized the cotton would be shorter than planned, I made the chiffon overlay longer to make the dress more appropriate.  The result isn’t quite ideal, but that’s okay.  Both fabrics I got from the remnant section of the fabric stores I shop at.  The bodice is self-lined with white cotton.  Also, this shade of blue isn’t exactly an Easter blue, but it matches her eyes well.

Now all three of my girl dolls have Easter dresses.  Planning ahead!

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

I did a sepia effect on accident for this one and kept it 🙂
IMG_1451 IMG_1456

When she’s sitting, she can completely hide behind her long golden hair.IMG_1442

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Kidz n Cats Sophie

sophieI am very excited to announce that I found a good deal on Ebay for the Kidz n Cats Sophie doll and made a purchase!  She is currently en route.  Since she arrives in winter clothes and it’s clearly summer outside, I have already begun making her new clothes.  I read online that her “season” is spring, so I’m starting with light colors and pastels.

Since there are virtually no Kidz n Cats sewing patterns online, the most I can find anywhere is here, I am adapting the patterns I can find into different clothes.  Also, since I don’t have the doll yet, I’m hoping that the stuff I’m making will fit.

So far I’ve got two skirts (one green/yellow with hearts, the other floral pink) and a yellow floral dress with much more to come.


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