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Kidz n Cats Pajamas

I made some pajamas for my Kidz n Cats doll!  They are more cold weather pajamas, so they will mostly be put away until fall.IMG_2650

I used fabric from a regular pajama top.  For the doll top, I used the free Pixie Faire t-shirt pattern for Kidz dolls.  I lengthened the short sleeves included in the pattern.  I also added ribbing to the end.IMG_2649

I used another Pixie Faire pattern (the basic pants pattern) for the pj bottoms.  I altered the pattern to be leggings for an American Girl Doll, then I changed that alteration to fit my Kidz doll.IMG_2656 IMG_2660

Her stuffy is a Coca Cola polar bear 🙂IMG_2652 IMG_2668


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Kidz n Cats Dress with Leggings

IMG_0122.JPGI know this outfit isn’t fitting for October weather, but had the fabric and a pattern to try out, so I just made it.

The dress is from here. I added an inch of length to the bottom. This blog has the most Kidz and Cats patterns for free that I can find anywhere on the internet.  It’s great!  I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for this blog my Kidz doll wouldn’t have any clothes that fit!

The leggings are the free leggings pattern from SewAdollable.com.  These are slightly lengthened.

Next, I’m going to experiment with different types of dresses for my Kidz n Cats doll!  I think Kidz dolls look cute in dresses, and mine needs some!





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