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Spring Cleaning

My dolls needed a little tidying up for spring!  They are all in good condition, but had minor marks, blemishes, etc.

On the American Girl website here, it suggests using baking soda to clean doll skin.  I took before and after pictures to show my experience with using the baking soda to clean the vinyl on my dolls.

First, my Rebecca doll has a small blue mark on her right arm.  I do not know what it is from, and I was unable to remove it with baking soda.  However, she had a small green mark that I was able to remove/lighten with the baking soda solution.  Before and after pics below of the blue and green marks:armOne of my bitty twins had large black scuff marks on both arms.  With the baking soda they are pretty much gone!  Left arm:
before and after left arm Collage

Right arm:Right arm My Kidz and Cats doll had a few white marks on her right arm.  I was able to significantly lighten them.

arm My custom Our Generation boy doll had a small white mark on his chin, as well as an even smaller one on his nose. Both are now gone:face His left leg had two small white marks, now significantly lightened.leg My other bitty twin had light black scuff marks on his forehead, which are difficult to see in the picture.twin 2 face Another dark mark by his ear was significantly lightened.

twin 2 earHis right arm had a small green mark.  The baking soda made it less noticeable.

right arm

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