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Rebecca’s Valentine’s Day Outfit

I decided to make cute Valentine’s Day outfits for my dolls.  Rebecca got her outfit first!

DSCN2288The t-shirt I up-cycled using the Liberty Jane Pattern from a normal off-white t-shirt.  After seeing Doll-it-up’s post about embellishing a doll t-shirt, I thought I would try out a similar method.  I didn’t have freezer paper or fabric paint, but I did have acrylic paint and a heart stencil.  I combined two colors of acrylic paint to make a shade of pink, and added a very small amount of water to the mixture to thin the paint.  A paint medium would have been more ideal.  Acrylic paint applied directly to fabric stiffens the fabric.  Even with a bit of water in it the paint dried stiff, but it still worked out.  I used glitter acrylic paint, mixed with water, over the pink.

DSCN2302I up-cycled the vest from a human vest.  The great thing about up-cycling is the ability to reuse finished hems.  The top edge of the collar I reused from the human vest, as well as the lining hem around the bottom edge of the vest.  The outside of the vest is red, and the lining is red, black and white plaid.  The back of the vest has a “V” shape top stitching, which was on the original vest as well.

I used the Liberty Jane Tank Top Pattern to make the vest.  The back pattern piece I cut on a fold and made no other alterations to it.  The front piece I cut on a fold, and then cut in half down the middle.  I didn’t include a zipper on the vest, because I knew that I wanted to pair it with the heart shirt and the heart would then be covered.


The leggings are featured in this outfit and the shoes are pink high tops from Sophia’s.DSCN2305 DSCN2289DSCN2295 DSCN2318

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Doll Valentine’s Hairdos

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I looked around on doll blogs and Pinterest to get inspiration for festive hairdos.  I tried out a few heart braids.  In this post I did this kind of hairdo on a smaller scale and a slightly customized way.

Rebecca was my first try.  Her hair is especially cute with different styles (like a ponytail, pigtails, and braids) because of the curls.



IMG_1869 Next I tried a different version on my Kidz n Cats Doll.  She has much thicker and longer hair, which allows different styling options.  I was able to braid the hair, and her hair is long enough that the braids are actually a perfect length.  You don’t finish as soon as you start with this girl’s hair!IMG_1849 IMG_1848 IMG_1855

I’m hopefully going to be trying out more heart hairstyles, there’s so many!

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