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Colors in Italian

COLORS (English, Italian)

blonde (haired)        –             biondi

blue                 –                       blu

brown /  dark (haired)   –     neri

brown             –                      marrone

gold                 –                      oro

grey                 –                      grigio

orange             –                     arancione

pink                 –                      rosa

purple              –                     viola

red                    –                     rosso

white                –                     bianco

yellow               –                    giallo

See earlier post “Things to Say in Italian” for a pronunciation guide.

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Things to Say in Italian

italianItalian Pronunciation Guide:

            Most of the sounds in Italian are similar to English.  Vowels are more like Spanish.  Each vowel says only one sound.  See below:

A                     ah

E                      ay (said how you would say the letter ‘A’)

I                       eye

O                     oh

U                     oo

Combinations include ‘Ch’, ‘gn’, ‘ia’.  Obviously there are much more combinations that produce their own sound.

Read the below Italian words and their English translation.

Che cosa leggete?

What are you reading?

Quanti anni hai?

How old are you?

Di che cosa ha bisogno il direttore?

What does the director need?

Io parlo Italiano.

I am speaking Italian/I speak Italian.

Ho torto.

I’m wrong.


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