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Cause and Effect

I have officially announced my next novel, Cause and Effect, on my website: The By Kids for Kids Series! It is in the beginning stages of writing.

Here’s a little history on the story. I first had the idea for Cause and Effect about five years ago, while on vacation. After writing thirty pages, and drafting many ideas about the life in Melena’s school, the manuscript lay aside as I waited for a plot breakthrough idea to come to me. Meanwhile I wrote California Girl, Only 7 and Next Stop. In the beginning of 2014, after much thought, I was struck with a brand new back story idea for Cause and Effect. Since then, I have been writing and writing getting my new idea together!

Here is the (current) official summary of Cause and Effect which I published on my website:

At the age of eight, Melena is taken to an isolated school. She struggles with friends, loss, and bullying. Her life is changed one night, and she realizes she has more potential than she ever could have imagined. She and her friends are faced with a tough decision that could have big consequences.

The ozone layer has been polluted dangerously. Death has occurred in many areas, and scientists decide to investigate. Surviving children, who suffer from mysterious amnesia, are placed in isolated schools to be observed. Could the observations lead to one of the greatest scientific discoveries of mankind?

My sixth novel, Cause and Effect, can be expected to be published in eBook format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in 2015. In the meantime, check out my other books here!

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