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Day 2: Easter Eggs and Holder

Easter eggs!  I used white Sculpey Polymer Clay to make these eggs.

First I rolled a some clay into a small ball.

DSCN3276I shaped the ball into an egg shape by rolling the circle in my hand, but doing it more on one half of the circle than on the other.

DSCN3277 I made seven of these and baked them.  They took about 45 minutes to bake.


After the eggs were baked, I used them to make the holder.  I formed the clay into a rectangle, about 3/8 of an inch thick.  I placed the egg on the rectangle and squished it down.
DSCN3283I did this eight times.  Squishing the clay around with the eggs distorted the original rectangle, so before I baked the holder I  smoothed everything out and corrected the edges.  The holder took about an hour to bake.

Once everything was baked, I mixed together some acrylic paint and painted the eggs each a different color.  I painted the holder brown.

Finished product!

DSCN3344DSCN3349DSCN3348DSCN3343 The eggs are hiding in the grass 🙂

DSCN3351 Size comparison!DSCN3353 Now the Easter baskets have colored eggs in them!DSCN3357

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Star Alpha Bracelet Pattern

I have searched the internet over for a suitable five point star alpha pattern for my 4th of July bracelet I plan on making.  I found only one pattern, but it wasn’t really what I wanted my stars to look like.  Therefore, I created my own star pattern in Paint.  For a tutorial on how to create a pattern of any picture in Paint, go here.  I didn’t want the bracelet to be super wide, so I made the star smaller and added more blocks until it was 12 by 17.  I would add at least one knot of background color on the sides, to make it 14 knots wide.  That’s about 3/4 inch, depending on what floss is used.  I use regular embroidery floss.

Anyway, so when I was finished making the pattern in Paint, I transferred it here.  Technically, I didn’t really have to do that, but I wanted the pattern to be clear and bigger.

Here is the final pattern:

Star pattern


When made into a bracelet, the knots overlap and aren’t perfectly regular squares.

I’m going to try the pattern out alternating red and white stars over a blue background.  If it works out, I’ll post it!

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