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American Girl Doll Clothes — Purple and Black Skirt Outfit

outfit (2)

This outfit is a bunch of different patterns. The t-shirt pattern is from SimplySweetByb.com here.  The leggings pattern I found on SewAdollable.com: How to Sew Leggings for American Girl Dolls.  The scarf I made with this tutorial from Pixie Faire: Easy Infinity Scarf.  And lastly, the skirt I didn’t use a pattern for, I just cut a rectangle, hemmed it, sewed a tube at the top and put the elastic through.   The materials I used for this outfit were all from old clothes.

I haven’t fully completed this outfit yet.  Instead of the black t-shirt for a top, I plan to  eventually make a purple t-shirt and put a ruched tank top over it.

Here are each of the items in the outfit.  They were all super easy to make, and I do everything hand stitched.

skirt leggings  scarf shirt

I’m currently working on a basketball jersey outfit!  I will post it soon!



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