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A Poem: Winter


By Victoria L. Smith

Winter is my favorite season

for not just one reason

The flakes they fall

slowly they stall

their way to the earth

tighten the girth!

off we go

on a sleigh

o’er the snow

oh what a day

when the sun’s gone

we sit with cocoa ‘til dawn

never a better sight

then that of a crisp winter night

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A Poem: A Girl at Sea


 By Victoria L. Smith

The girl looks on

As the wind blows

For all her kin is gone

She gazes at the waters

That lap never ending upon the side

She has sailed for many a day

And as they passed

All she knew drifted away

What once she looked upon with hope,

She know dreads

The new land lies

There for her,

Alas she has none to share it with

For all her kin was lost

On the journey across

What once she dreamed,

She now does not

For she is alone, so it seemed

But one is there for her

And was with her the length of the journey,

Although she forgot

This One’s name is God

And He awaits her freely in the new world

For that was the dream of her family

To live freely for God,

Not being persecuted for their faith

She can carry on that dream,

Though her family is elsewhere

As she walks ashore,

She sings a praise

For she might have been lost

She might have been taken by death like her kin

But she was not

So she lives for the One

Whom her parents lived for

And who saved her life

For she could have been

one that which was lost

She was spared

As she lives in the new land

With none but God,

He is enough

He will care and provide for her

When she has none but Him

She known her future not

But knows One who does

She knows He has a plan and will guide her

So she walks confidently

With none but God

For He is all she needs

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