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Hairdos — Curly Ponytail

Once a week for the next couple weeks, I will be posting a hairstyle that will hopefully give you ideas of different things you can do with your doll’s hair.  Let’s get started!

I used my curly haired Rebecca doll for this cute and curly ponytail.  I used a doll hairbrush, a small spray bottle with water in it, and a hair tie.  The American Girl website says:

“For best styling results, lightly mist your doll’s hair with water as needed before you brush or pick it. Use just enough water to make the hair easier to work with. Be sure not to get water in her eyes—they may rust!”DSCN4550

Before beginning, your doll should look something like this with your doll’s hair down:

Spray the hair with the water to get it slightly damp.  Pull up the curls to where you want the pony to be on your dolls head.  You will probably need to smooth things out as you go.  I didn’t brush through the curls, because I wanted lots of curls in the ponytail instead of one big curl.

When you get your doll’s hair in the ponytail and put the hair tie around it, it might look a little messy.

Find each little curl, spray it with water, and finger curl it by twisting it to the left.  After curling each little curl, move them around until you think it looks cute.DSCN4578 DSCN4581 DSCN4580 Now you have a sweet curly pony tail!DSCN4577

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Doll Valentine’s Hairdos

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I looked around on doll blogs and Pinterest to get inspiration for festive hairdos.  I tried out a few heart braids.  In this post I did this kind of hairdo on a smaller scale and a slightly customized way.

Rebecca was my first try.  Her hair is especially cute with different styles (like a ponytail, pigtails, and braids) because of the curls.



IMG_1869 Next I tried a different version on my Kidz n Cats Doll.  She has much thicker and longer hair, which allows different styling options.  I was able to braid the hair, and her hair is long enough that the braids are actually a perfect length.  You don’t finish as soon as you start with this girl’s hair!IMG_1849 IMG_1848 IMG_1855

I’m hopefully going to be trying out more heart hairstyles, there’s so many!

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