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Today’s New Listing… Green and Blue Bracelet Pair

Friendship bracelets are an adorable addition to any summer outfit!  Click the photo to view the listing:


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Striped Friendship Anklet for American Girl Doll

Friendship bracelets are great accessories, especially for a doll!  This anklet I made with lime green and hot pink craft thread.  It is 4 inches long, and attaches with a loop and knot.  The anklet is six knots wide.  Here is a good tutorial to make one.  It is quick, simple and cute!IMG_1281 IMG_1282 IMG_1279IMG_1280 IMG_1278IMG_1274

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Friendship Bracelets

As I wait patiently for my sewing machine to arrive, I am spending some time making friendship bracelets!  I have made lots before.  But the thing is, after a while the bracelets wear out.  Therefore, I am currently replenishing friendship bracelet drawer.

I have found that the best string for this type of bracelet is embroidery floss, such as JP Coats or DMC.  Most craft stores have a variety of types and colors of embroidery floss.  I do have a package of “Friendship Bracelet Floss”, but in the process of making a bracelet the floss gets tension and these strings broke causing me to be unable to finish certain bracelets.


The green/blue one I made using this pattern. It is an Alpha pattern.

Blue/purple/pink bracelet has five strings. I used this normal pattern.

The silver/black bracelet is just a simple stripe.

Friendship-bracelets.net has tons of patterns for these types of bracelets, including Alpha patterns, Kumihimo patterns, and normal patterns.  Another website with lots of patterns is braceletbook.com.  I prefer Friendship-Bracelets.net, although BraceletBook does have an app.



I made my first Alpha bracelet in January/February.  This bracelet is 1.5 inches wide, and is 31 strings across.  It took me 2 weeks to make, using every spare moment of my time.  It is the simplest type of Alpha bracelet, with just 2 colors.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good camera to take pictures of it before I needed to mail it off as a birthday present.



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American Girl The Sound of Music T-Shirt Outfit


front wholetop  front

Well, it’s the weekend again so I’ve got another American Girl outfit made!  This one as you can see in the pictures includes: a Chevron pattern bracelet, a Sound of Music Broadway logo t-shirt, a turquoise circle skirt, and turquoise duct tape Toms style shoes.

The Chevron friendship bracelet is made of 3 strings, each a different color, folded in half.  I have made a lot of friendship bracelets in my time, for myself and for others, so I sized the lengths of the strings down.  I’ve made so many of these bracelets, I didn’t need to measure the strings or anything, I could just tell if they were long enough from experience.  Here’s a tutorial on how to make a Chevron bracelet: Instructables.

The t-shirt pattern is from SimplySweetByb.com here.  I also used it in the Purple and Black Skirt outfit.  It’s the easiest one to make that I’ve seen so far.  I bought Avery Iron-On Transfer paper at Wal Mart.  I found a photograph that I could use to put on the shirt.  I looked around on Google Images and decided on the Broadway The Sound of Music logo for this shirt.  I really like the way it turned out.

Using the iron on transfers was very simple and easy.  All you need is an iron, tissue paper, a regular printer (preferably a color printer), and iron on transfer paper.  Iron on transfer paper is about $7-$10 for five sheets.  Since the pictures I print for the t-shirts are small enough to fit onto the shirt, I can probably do three pictures separately onto one sheet, or more if I printed them all at once.

I will be making more t-shirts with other designs on them soon!  I’ve got some ideas such as Frozen, Tangled, some other Disney themes, and Broadway musical logos.

I mostly followed the directions here for the circle skirt.  Next time I make one I will make it a little longer then this turquoise one, so I can hem the bottom!  Instead of using a cloth waistband, like the tutorial I used said to do, I used elastic and pinned it.  I didn’t do it quite right, but when experimenting, one rarely gets it right the first time.  Luckily, what isn’t quite right is underneath the shirt so you can’t even see it when she’s wearing it!

The shoes are duct tape Tom style shoes from this YouTube video.  The shoes in the photo are the third pair of shoes I’ve made this way, the first pair was a trial run with Minnie Mouse duct tape (maybe they’ll be in a future outfit), and the second a patterned pair that will be in a future outfit.  After I made my first pair I went to the store and bought two roles of duct tape.  I think I need to make a couple more pairs to alter the tutorial to perfection, but they are super easy and quick to make.  The way I see it these shoes are nice and way better then no shoes at all (which is what my doll had before).  Since I never buy anything for my American Girl Doll, she only has the shoes which she came in and a pair of ice skates I got for my birthday once.




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