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American Girl Doll Buzz Lightyear Outfit

DSCN2322 My dolls appreciate anything Disney to wear!  This Buzz Lightyear t-shirt I upcycled from a boys Toy Story graphic t-shirt.  I used the this pattern from Simply Sweet and Sewn.

DSCN2323The matching green leggings are made with an altered version of this pattern from Sew Adollable.

DSCN2324The shoes are American Girl JLY purple flats.

DSCN2331 DSCN2332


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Kidz n Cats Toms Shoes

I decided to try out this Toms style shoe pattern for Kidz n Cats Dolls since the only shoes my Kidz doll has are the boots she came in.  I had some leftover brown wool, and had bought some craft foam in the case that I wanted to make shoes.  These were relatively simple to make.  Unfortunately, for some reason unknown to me, the shoes ended up being too big!  Hmmm.  I wonder what happened…  (Pictures of the shoes are below)

Anyway, my Etsy shop, that will be opening soon, is beginning to form!  I’ve got some items ready to be listed as soon as I open.  I created a website for my shop and the link will be posted here soon.  The website has a sneak peek of what I will be offering!

IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475

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Doll Shoe Shelf



My attempt to organize my living space is progressing.  I realized this past week that I have kept the box my Kidz n Cats doll came in for no particular reason.  It simply just hadn’t made it to the trash bin yet.  Good thing!  This post inspired me to do something with the box.  I thought about it for a while (about 10 minutes) and decided to make a shelf to store my doll shoes on.  Right now, I have about 12 pairs, but I plan on buying more/making more in the near future.

The cardboard that the Kidz doll was attached to inside the box is intensely strong and durable, yet incredibly thin.  It is such amazing cardboard (I think from Germany).  Another good thing about the cardboard was the edges were turned over, making a nice finished look for the outside of my shelves:




Since Kidz dolls are 18″, the box is taller than my dolls.  It’s not really meant to be doll furniture, really just a way to organize things!



I covered the sides and shelves with scrap booking paper.  American Girl often has multiple colors and patterns mixed together, I thought my color choices matched their ideas.  I glued flower print green on top, red dots for the shelves, and blue stripes on the sides.




Each shelf holds about 4 pairs of shoes.  If they are wide shoes, then less.


After making the basic structure I decided to make the most of it!  I hand-screwed cup hooks to the side to hang things on.  Scroll down!



On the opposite side of the shelf, I cut two little extra shelves and hot glued them to add a little more storage space.





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