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Day 5: Candy

Every Easter basket needs a little bit of candy!

These doll candy bars are quick to make and very cute!  All you need is the template, a printer, craft foam, and foil!  Find instructions and template here.DSCN3362DSCN3367DSCN3365I also put together this printable of Nerds Candy.  It is a little blurry.  I put some seed beads inside the box before closing it to add weight and realistic sound when shaken.

DSCN3489 DSCN3488

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Day 2: Easter Eggs and Holder

Easter eggs!  I used white Sculpey Polymer Clay to make these eggs.

First I rolled a some clay into a small ball.

DSCN3276I shaped the ball into an egg shape by rolling the circle in my hand, but doing it more on one half of the circle than on the other.

DSCN3277 I made seven of these and baked them.  They took about 45 minutes to bake.


After the eggs were baked, I used them to make the holder.  I formed the clay into a rectangle, about 3/8 of an inch thick.  I placed the egg on the rectangle and squished it down.
DSCN3283I did this eight times.  Squishing the clay around with the eggs distorted the original rectangle, so before I baked the holder I  smoothed everything out and corrected the edges.  The holder took about an hour to bake.

Once everything was baked, I mixed together some acrylic paint and painted the eggs each a different color.  I painted the holder brown.

Finished product!

DSCN3344DSCN3349DSCN3348DSCN3343 The eggs are hiding in the grass 🙂

DSCN3351 Size comparison!DSCN3353 Now the Easter baskets have colored eggs in them!DSCN3357

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American Girl Doll Dance/Gymnastics Outfits

Both Dolls (1)

Both Dolls (2)

Both Dolls (3)


Yesterday, Thanksgiving, I whipped up some leotards and shorts in some new fabric I bought from JoAnns.  I had two colors, so made two leotards in each color, as well as two shorts in each color.  Both outfits are for my American Girl Doll, but I put the turquoise on my Kidz doll for the sake of photography.  It is obviously not made for her, as it is quite loose.  These outfits could also be used as swimsuits, however, my dolls don’t swim yet 🙂

I used the pattern for the leotard found here.  You may notice I used Velcro on the back.  I realized afterwards I didn’t really need to do this because the fabric is so stretchy.  I believe it still makes it easier to put on though.  I also just hemmed all the edges, the tutorial requires using fold over elastic.

The boy cut shorts are the Liberty Jane pattern from here.


Kidz Front

Kidz Back

Kidz Moves (2)

Kidz Moves (1)


And just the leotard and no shorts:


No Shorts Kidz


AG Front

AG (1)

AG (2)



And once again, leotard only:No shorts AG

Of course, the shorts could go with either leotard too:




Switched Colors




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Friendship Bracelets

As I wait patiently for my sewing machine to arrive, I am spending some time making friendship bracelets!  I have made lots before.  But the thing is, after a while the bracelets wear out.  Therefore, I am currently replenishing friendship bracelet drawer.

I have found that the best string for this type of bracelet is embroidery floss, such as JP Coats or DMC.  Most craft stores have a variety of types and colors of embroidery floss.  I do have a package of “Friendship Bracelet Floss”, but in the process of making a bracelet the floss gets tension and these strings broke causing me to be unable to finish certain bracelets.


The green/blue one I made using this pattern. It is an Alpha pattern.

Blue/purple/pink bracelet has five strings. I used this normal pattern.

The silver/black bracelet is just a simple stripe.

Friendship-bracelets.net has tons of patterns for these types of bracelets, including Alpha patterns, Kumihimo patterns, and normal patterns.  Another website with lots of patterns is braceletbook.com.  I prefer Friendship-Bracelets.net, although BraceletBook does have an app.



I made my first Alpha bracelet in January/February.  This bracelet is 1.5 inches wide, and is 31 strings across.  It took me 2 weeks to make, using every spare moment of my time.  It is the simplest type of Alpha bracelet, with just 2 colors.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good camera to take pictures of it before I needed to mail it off as a birthday present.



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Kidz n Cats Sophie

sophieI am very excited to announce that I found a good deal on Ebay for the Kidz n Cats Sophie doll and made a purchase!  She is currently en route.  Since she arrives in winter clothes and it’s clearly summer outside, I have already begun making her new clothes.  I read online that her “season” is spring, so I’m starting with light colors and pastels.

Since there are virtually no Kidz n Cats sewing patterns online, the most I can find anywhere is here, I am adapting the patterns I can find into different clothes.  Also, since I don’t have the doll yet, I’m hoping that the stuff I’m making will fit.

So far I’ve got two skirts (one green/yellow with hearts, the other floral pink) and a yellow floral dress with much more to come.


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American Girl Doll Casual Outfit

casual outfit front

So in my basketball outfit, I used a pattern for the shorts that I decided not to use again.  The reason was because the shorts ended up too tight around the waist.  I tried another shorts pattern for this outfit.  They turned out exactly the opposite.  Way too big.  I’m going to try one more pattern, and then, if it doesn’t work out for a third time, I’ll let it go for a while.

So instead of making jean shorts to go with my blue trendy t-shirt from LibertyJanePatterns.com, I made some stretchy daisy print leggings.  I also used the leggings in my Black and Purple Skirt Outfit.  The leggings are very simple and easy, and take me about 15 – 20 minutes to make without a sewing machine.

Here is the Free Doll Trendy T-Shirt Pattern from LibertyJanePatterns.com.

Here is the free leggings pattern from SewAdollable.com.   casual outfit
casual topcasual bottoms


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American Girl Basketball Outfit

basketball outfit

For the shorts I used a pattern that I found on SewAdollable.com: Easy Shorts Pattern.  The shorts were a little small, so I am not going to use this pattern again without altering it.

The top was a free pattern on LibertyJanePatterns.com: Free Pattern for American Girl Doll T-Shirt.  To make it a tank, I just left out the sleeves.  I folded over the armholes and hemmed them.

I used an old basketball jersey I had as material.  The jersey was reversible, so the inside of the doll outfit is white, and the outside is red.

I chose not to put anything on the front or back, such as a team name or player number.  It’s more of a practice uniform for my doll, rather than a game outfit.

back of basketball outfitshortstop

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American Girl Doll Clothes — One Shoulder Dress

I have never purchased clothes for my American Girl Just Like You Doll, except for a pair of white ice skates.  I make all the clothes myself!  I have done a ton of research searching for free patterns, and have had some success.

I found this pattern on SewAdollable.com.  This is the link to the pattern and instructions:  One Shoulder Dress Tutorial.  The skirt turned out a little shorter than I had expected, but  now she could wear it with white tights and go ice skating in the winter!

close up glitter dress back glitter dressfront glitter dress









Next is a purple and black skirt outfit!

Comment if you decide to make this, or Like if you like my version of the dress!


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