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Boy Doll Striped Zip-Up Hoodie

I up-cycled this hoodie from a human boy hoodie, and made it almost identical to the big version!  I altered this pattern, using Sweatshirt F.  I used the back pattern pieces as the front.

IMG_1831 IMG_1832

The back of the hoodie.  The hoodie has a point sort of shape to it, so when it is on the doll’s head it looks like an elf coat or something 🙂IMG_1834

Side View:IMG_1836


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18inch Boy Doll Vacation T-Shirt

I wanted to make a t-shirt that would fit a boy doll today.  Boy dolls can fit in girl t-shirts, but they are form fitting and it doesn’t look very boyish.  I took this free pattern, and made some changes to it!  I lengthened the sleeves, and changed the pieces of the top to go straight, not curve with the cloth body.  I also changed the sleeve piece to allow for a baggier sleeve.

This shirt is up-cycled and pressed to get any wrinkles out.






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Our Generation Doll Drivers Cap


This is my first post that features something sewn for an Our Generation Doll.  I introduced this Our Generation Boy Doll in May.  Since then he has undergone more touch ups to make him more boy-ish looking.  He was originally Sadie.

After doing research, I was unable to find a free drivers cap pattern for an 18″ doll online.   I ended up making this drivers cap using this human hat tutorial.  The hat pattern originally would have made a hat with a circumference of 24 inches.  Seeing how I had to get it down to about 11″, I sized the pattern down a lot.

The outer fabric is wool, with a lining of brown silk.  For the brim I used flexible plastic.  The ribbon is Offray 5/8″ Torrid Orange.





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Our Generation Boy Doll

IMG_1196This is me and my brother’s Our Generation boy doll.  We got him (originally ‘her’) on sale at Target.

He was, when we bought him, Sadie.  I cut his hair off (I’m not quite finished with cutting it).  We also lightened his lip color with non-acetone finger nail polish remover, and trimmed his eyelashes.

I made the shorts for my American Girl Doll at first, but they were so small I couldn’t get them on.  Luckily, OG dolls are skinnier (although the same height), and the shorts fit nicely on this guy.  Because he is skinnier then an American Girl Doll, I think I will be able to use the girl patterns on him, because they will turn out looser.

The t-shirt is my favorite shirt pattern, because it’s easy and has sleeves.  The pattern is from SimplySweetByb.com here.  I use it in a lot of outfits.  I printed and cut out Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb on iron-on transfer paper.  The printer decided to print Perry’s hat green, but it didn’t bother us.

I plan on making him a wardrobe of clothes and posting them!

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