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American Girl Doll Ballet Outfit

ballet outfit2

This ballet outfit is made of black tights, a black leotard, a white glitter tutu and a white headband.

I found the pattern for the leotard on www.myagdollcraft.blogspot.com.  The leotard is rather tight, therefore difficult to get on.  I think this is because the pattern didn’t have an allowance for Velcro in the back (I found it almost impossible to get on without Velcro in the back).  In other respects, this pattern is great.

The tights are quite simple.  They are just a human knee high or long sock with the foot cut off, cut and sewn up the middle to make two legs.  It’s very easy to find a tutorial for this on the internet by just searching for it.  The sock I used for these black tights was kind of small and not overly stretching, so the tights are, well, tight.  But that’s okay.

The tutu is just 49 glitter tulle strips 11 inches long folded in half and L knotted onto a 10 inch piece of elastic.  The knots make a nice waistband.

And to incorporate the white into the outfit more, I took an extra strip of tulle and tied it into a circle.  Since tulle is kind of stretchy, it worked well as a headband.

black leotardblack tights tutu waistband tutu above

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