In the Field Photo Shoot

I took Rebecca for a photo shoot in a field the other day!DSCN3088 DSCN3095DSCN3094DSCN3092DSCN3090DSCN3096 DSCN3105

A breeze was blowing her hair and cardigan.DSCN3097 DSCN3112 DSCN3102DSCN3133Her Outfit…

Boots: Sophia’s

The rest is made by me:

Tank – this pattern

Leggings – this pattern, for the small changes I made when making the black leggings, see this post

Scarf – this tutorial

Cardigan –  this tutorial, originally seen in this post

Beanie: Cut from the top of a sock and sewn, for more details view this post


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2 responses to “In the Field Photo Shoot

  1. Rebecca is so cute, she looks like new! I could never choose my favorite, they all are beautiful.

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