American Girl Doll Hair Fix

I’ve looked at a lot of different ways folks have tamed their doll’s crazy hair.  Whether it’s mats, dryness, or whatever.  A few examples: a downy dunk, mildly straightening, braid spray, and dipping in hot water.

I have had My American Girl Doll for about 5 years.  Her hair is in good condition, however, it had frizzy ends in some places.IMG_1306IMG_1307

I boiled some water in a pot.  Before putting my dolls hair in it, I let it cool for about 10 minutes.  I separated the hair into two sections, and dipped it about 2 inches in.  I held it in there for about 2 minutes.  After removing it from the water, I combed it out and let it dry.

At first, I thought it didn’t work.  Immediately upon touch it (after dried), I could feel a difference.


It is much more soft to the touch, as well as to the eye, now!  Although it did kind of cause a flippy-do in the back (hot water can lessen the effect of curls or waves).  You may notice in the before pictures, the hair kind of curves inwards.  This is somewhat removed now.  I don’t mind.  Her hair is straight, after all.  I am glad I did it!

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