Jeans Attempt

This week I attempted making a pair of American Girl Jeans using the Liberty Jane Bootcut Pattern. It was the second time I’ve used the pattern. The first time it turned out okay, but the second time I knew the ropes of how to assemble it better. I used an old pair of my jeans for fabric, and, perhaps because of the way I cut the pattern pieces (attempting to avoid the lighter parts of the denim), I am probably not going to be able to make another pair from the same fabric. I could probably get a pair of shorts out of it, but not another pair of long doll jeans.

Anyway, I had finished the jeans!! I put them on my doll and they were very baggy and too long in the leg. Hm. I guess I didn’t use enough seam allowance. I attempted to fix them by re-hemming the legs shorter and making the pant legs tighter. It didn’t work out so well.

I ended up trying to downsize them to fit my Kidz doll. I took in the waist, as well as removed the back pockets.

This is what I got:




It would have worked great if I hadn’t taken it in too much! The jeans were extremely difficult to get on. But now I know for future reference that the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern can be changed to fit Kidz and Cats dolls if done correctly 🙂


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