American Girl Doll Newsboy Cap



A few days ago I made my first hat!  It was for a human, so afterwards I wanted to make a cute hat for my doll.  I did some research on patterns, because I never really had searched for hat patterns before.  Among the free hat patterns I found, the Trendy Newsboy Cap from Daydream Doll Boutique.  I used plastic for the brim.  The pattern didn’t include a lining.  I followed the instructions for the outside of the hat for the brown silk lining I inserted to make it look better inside and out.

After making the Fall Time Dress out of a 18×20 quilting square I bought at Hobby Lobby for 84¢, I had enough fabric left to make the hat out too! The fabric has a lot of colors, so the hat could go with many different colors.

Today is a weekend and daylight savings day!  I’m  planning on saving some time to sew!





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