Kidz and Cats Red Dress First Attempt


This dress is made from the leftover fabric when I was finished with my AG Millie Halloween dress.  This silk was the background/lining for that dress.

The bodice for this dress is from this Special Occasion Dress from  It is designed as a one-strap dress, but to make a sort of tank top version of it, I cut the fabric on a fold with the center of the pattern on the fold, so when I am done I have two straps!  The skirt is the skirt portion of the free pattern from, here.  I lengthened it 4 inches.

This dress didn’t exactly turn out as expected, that’s why the title says “First Attempt”.  I accidentally sewed over the sash when I attached the skirt to the bodice, causing the sash to fold over.  Oops 🙂 Also, the ties in the back are a little too short.

So that was the first attempt!  More dresses soon!


Oh no her bow is falling!


The back



Closeup back


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