Kidz ‘n Cats Boots

IMG_0398I decided since it’s September that it’s time to start sewing fall clothes.  Since I really got into sewing doll clothes just this April, I haven’t made a whole lot of pants, long-sleeved shirts, boots, or sweat coats (but I’ve made a lot of t-shirts and skirts!).   I’m also super excited to start sewing with my new sewing machine!

Therefore, to begin sewing fall clothes I made a pair of Kidz ‘n Cats “Snuggly Boots” from here.  I made them from brown and white felt.  Technically I could have used some faux fur on the outside, but I wanted to see how it would go just with the felt.  Brown and white wouldn’t be my ideal colors for these, however, the store where I went to get felt didn’t have any other shades of tan!

They close with Velcro in the back to make getting them on easier.  The boots fit loosely so getting them on wasn’t a problem.

My doll is wearing a pair of black leggings that are featured in this post.  The turtle neck is part of her original outfit.

I tried these boots on my American Girl Doll to see how they would fit.  I wanted to see if the pattern could be adapted for AG dolls easily.  They fit almost perfectly.  The only change I might make would be to cut the back pattern piece a tiny bit bigger so the Velcro could close easier.  Other than that, this pattern could work for AG doll as well!


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