American Girl Doll Bag Tutorial

I’ve been really busy this summer acting and performing in musicals, so I haven’t had too much time to work on any projects, but here’s a handbag for American Girl Doll:

I found the pattern here for this bag.  The directions on the post were rather vague, so I decided to take pictures and write out a tutorial for the pattern.


1.  I used the leftovers of duck canvas that I had bought to make a string bag and fanny pack for myself.







2.  Print the pattern, and cut the cloth







3.  Pin like so.







4.  Fold up the bottom, and attempt to follow directions on the pattern.







5.  Now you have the basic shape.







(another picture for step 6)







6.  Fold over the edges and hem.







Edges are hemmed.







7.  Turn the bag right side out.







8.  Attach snap or other fastener.







(Bag closed)







9.  Cut a strip of fabric for the strap, fold over, sew, and inside out using a safety pin to get a tube.  Top stitching is optional.


10.  Attach the strap to the bag and you’ve finished!



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