Kidz ‘n Cats Dress

IMG_1566Here my new Kidz n Cats Sophie doll poses in front of a tree in her yellow dress.

I got this pattern here (scroll to the bottom).  Instead of doing the straps the way the pattern had them, I simply doubled over the pattern piece that included the strap and cut the cloth.  It made it look like a less fancy dress.  It was no problem to do.  Also, Kidz n Cats patterns are really hard to find online, therefore, the top pattern could also work for a tank top pattern with minor altering…  I plan on doing that hopefully soon.  We’ll see what my schedule allows.

I also didn’t want the skirt to be too long, so I didn’t cut it as long as the pattern instructions ask.

I attached the dress with snaps in the back (3 of them), because I didn’t want to take any chances with her hair getting stuck in Velcro.



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