Kidz ‘n Cats Skirts


This post includes two skirts.  Since I recently got my Sophie Kidz n Cats doll, I don’t have too many articles of clothing made for her, so she is wearing the same white t-shirt with both skirts.

The purple skirt is simply a skirt with a tube folded over at the top, and elastic strung through.  I just made it so the doll would have something else to wear.  The skirt is generally a rectangle 6″ by 20″ or so, with the elastic about 9″ or 9 1/2″.

The red ruffly skirt (below) I made as a 4th of July skirt, since the fabric has little bursts that look like white fireworks.  I got it done in time for the 4th, but didn’t have time to make a top to go with it to post as an outfit, so here it is today!  (I apologize for the not so good pictures, they were taken in a dark hallway)

More Kidz n Cats up next!





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