American Girl 4th of July Outfit


I bought my doll some shoes, so now she can model outside!  And, plus, it fits the 4th of July outfit.  I bought the shoes on, in a four shoe package.  The brand is Sophia’s.  The package came with white tennis shoes (in this outfit), hot pink high tops, hot pink Crocs, and shiny purple flats with a flower.  Each pair of shoes ended up being (including shipping) about $5.

To make this tank top, I used the Liberty Jane Pattern here and left out the sleeves.  It is perfect, although it was very long on the bottom, so I folded over 3/4 when I hemmed it.  It attaches in the back with Velcro.  Someday if I get shiny appliques, I will make a star on the tank top, but for now it’s a blank blue tank top.

I braided strips of t-shirt cotton to make the headband which attaches easily with a snap.

The skirt is simply 20 x 6 inches of material (I used a portion of a quilting square), with an elastic tube at the top and the bottom hemmed.

The bracelet is 6 strings of embroidery floss (2 of each color) braided.  The ends tie.  I fitted the length to the dolls wrist.

Voila!  A 4th of July outfit!




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2 responses to “American Girl 4th of July Outfit

  1. Hey Victoria!! The outfits looks great! I think it’s so cool that you do all this stuff! Anyway, I thought I’d say something ’cause I haven’t really had a chance at rehearsal! If you’re interested, my doll blog is, my personal blog is idlewildcl.blogspot.con, and my shop is
    See ya’

  2. Hi Christina! Thank you! You’re blogs are awesome!

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