Kidz n Cats Sophie

sophieI am very excited to announce that I found a good deal on Ebay for the Kidz n Cats Sophie doll and made a purchase!  She is currently en route.  Since she arrives in winter clothes and it’s clearly summer outside, I have already begun making her new clothes.  I read online that her “season” is spring, so I’m starting with light colors and pastels.

Since there are virtually no Kidz n Cats sewing patterns online, the most I can find anywhere is here, I am adapting the patterns I can find into different clothes.  Also, since I don’t have the doll yet, I’m hoping that the stuff I’m making will fit.

So far I’ve got two skirts (one green/yellow with hearts, the other floral pink) and a yellow floral dress with much more to come.



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  1. dollclothesrus

    Great stuff!

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