Our Generation Boy Doll

IMG_1196This is me and my brother’s Our Generation boy doll.  We got him (originally ‘her’) on sale at Target.

He was, when we bought him, Sadie.  I cut his hair off (I’m not quite finished with cutting it).  We also lightened his lip color with non-acetone finger nail polish remover, and trimmed his eyelashes.

I made the shorts for my American Girl Doll at first, but they were so small I couldn’t get them on.  Luckily, OG dolls are skinnier (although the same height), and the shorts fit nicely on this guy.  Because he is skinnier then an American Girl Doll, I think I will be able to use the girl patterns on him, because they will turn out looser.

The t-shirt is my favorite shirt pattern, because it’s easy and has sleeves.  The pattern is from SimplySweetByb.com here.  I use it in a lot of outfits.  I printed and cut out Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb on iron-on transfer paper.  The printer decided to print Perry’s hat green, but it didn’t bother us.

I plan on making him a wardrobe of clothes and posting them!

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