American Girl Leavenworth Summer Theater Logo T-Shirt Outfit

front lst I used a t-shirt pattern to create this blue t-shirt, then added a white block of cloth to put on the Leavenworth Summer Theater logo to make an LST American Girl Doll T-shirt!  The t-shirt pattern link can be found in my Purple/Black Skirt Outfit Post.

The logo is just white and black for now, but once I get fabric pens or Sharpies, I’m going to color it like the logo below.lst logo

The skirt I made about 2 years ago and didn’t use a pattern for, I simply cut 26 identical triangles and sewed them all together.  I hemmed the bottom and added little golden bells, since the skirt was originally a St. Patrick’s Day skirt.  I folded over the top of the triangles and sewed on a waistband (not shown in the picture to the left).  The waist band attaches with a snap in the back.

And, of course, the blue tights.  This was the first pair of tights I attempted to make for my doll, and I was pleased with how simple it was!  All I had to do was cut off the top part of a knee high, cut it in half up the middle, leaving about 3 inches together at the top, and sewed the inside of the legs and tip of the toes.  They are a little difficult to get on, but that is probably just because the sock was kind of narrow to begin with.  Now I know that a wider, stretchier sock would be even more perfect for tights.

I’m currently working on tights and a leotard!

side top lstlst shirtbell skirttights


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