American Girl Disney Frozen T-shirt Outfit

outfitThe t-shirt is the pattern I use all the time.  The pattern is from here.  I used stretchable iron-on transfers for the logo and Olaf.  I put the pictures I used in this post as well.  The frozen logo is animated but when you save it as a picture, it will be a regular picture.  My printer decided to print Olaf and parts of the logo green…  Oh well.

The skirt I made using this tutorial.  My American Girl Doll must have different measurements then the doll used in the tutorial. This skirt, when finished, was way too small for my doll.  Disappointing.  I had to squeeze it on for the pictures.  If you decide to use this tutorial, make the waistband bigger than 12 inches.

I have also made a dress out of the fabric I made this skirt from.

The shoes are duct tape Tom style shoes from this YouTube video.  These same shoes are also in my American Girl The Sound of Music T-Shirt Outfit.

Someday, I want to make a blue silk Elsa dress for my doll and attempt to make it as authentic as possible…  It will take a lot of studying and research to find net fabric with AG scale snowflakes on it…
shirtfrozen Olaf-Frozen-olaf-36917838-321-440


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