American Girl Doll Outdoor Playtime Outfit

IMG_1107The pattern I used for the top I found on here.  The fabric for the shirt I got from old t-shirts.  It was easy to make.

I used a pattern for these shorts that I’m not going to use again.  The pant legs of the shorts were originally much larger than I preferred.  At first I cast them aside, but later decided to size them down.  I also took out the elastic waistband I first had in and switched it to just a simple fastener in the back.  Much better.  I added a tiny bit of distressing on the left leg.  I may add pockets on the front in the future.  I cut up a pair of old jeans to use for the fabric.  I’m going to keep trying pants/shorts patterns and I hope I find something good in the process!

As always, I hand stitch everything, but I try to use the edges of old clothes to save time


IMG_1109 IMG_1111IMG_1112IMG_1113


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