How to Drive Safely

Driving safely is very important.  Every driver should know how to drive safely on the road.  Being alert of animals, pedestrians, and other vehicles on the road is the most important part of driving.  Animals, pedestrians, and other vehicles can run into the car’s path of travel.  A collision could occur, unless the driver steers away or slows down.  Every action a driver make while driving takes time.  Slowing down in situations can give drivers more time to react.  Following traffic laws and street signs is also vital to driving safely.

Every car is equipped with turn signal lights and a horn.  Using these to communicate can help other drivers to know your intentions.

Every car is also equipped with restraints such as seatbelts, airbags, and headrests.  In the case of a collision, not using restraints can cause serious injury.  To be safe, always wear your seatbelt.  The usage of seatbelts helps you stay in your seat and in the car.  Being ejected from a car because you are not wearing a seatbelt can result in being run over by a car once ejected.

Texting, calling, listening to music, and passengers can be distracting while driving.  Drivers should put their phones away, turn down the radio, and ask other passengers to be quiet so they can focus on driving.

Nobody should ever drink alcohol before driving.  Being drunk affects drivers’ ability to respond to situations by dulling the senses.  Alcohol makes people feel as if their senses are sharper, when in reality they are much slower.  This effect gives false confidence, which is very dangerous when driving.


Driving is especially dangerous at night.  When the sun has gone done, there is no light and this reduces visibility of the road.  When driving after dark, drivers should be extra cautious and use their headlights.

Often when people are driving at night they are drowsy or tired.  This is extremely dangerous to the driver and other drivers.  If the driver falls asleep, he or she is no longer in control of the car.  Most times this results in a crash or collision.

There are a few solutions if you must travel in the car at night while you may be drowsy.  The best solution is to plan ahead and get plenty of rest the night before, or take a nap during the day.  If a driver doesn’t plan ahead or doesn’t have time to take a nap before driving at night, another solution is to find another who is rested to drive.  If a driver must drive while drowsy, there are some precautions.  The first is keep the window closed.  Although the wind of an open window may hit the driver, making he or she think it is helping them stay awake, the extra oxygen will actually make them more likely to fall asleep.  Drivers should keep the radio off.  Although it might seem helpful, it isn’t.  Music creates a beat, which makes people want to go to sleep if they are drowsy.  Lastly, taking stops frequently, walking around, and getting a drink of water can help drivers stay awake.


Weather can affect driving.  Rain and snow cause the road to be wet and slippery.  Reducing your speed gives you more time to react to situations.

Drivers should take curves more slowly when driving in the snow, because the snow makes the road slippery.

When driving in the rain, drivers should avoid areas of standing because they can cause hydroplaning, engine damage, and cause skids.

Windshield wipers can wipe water or snow off the windshield.  When water or snow is left on the windshield, it blocks the sight of the driver.

Fog limits the sight distance of drivers.  To assist in this sort of situation, drivers should turn on their low beam headlights.   Headlights not only help the driver to see the road, but they also help other drivers to see them better.


Not driving safely can be deadly.  Car accidents and collisions kill thousands every year.  Even more people are injured each year in car accidents.


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