Thoughts on ‘Little Women’ Part 4


After discussing the character of Beth March in the last part, I am led into talking about Mr. Laurence.

My Interpretation

I was surprised when reading the book that Mr. Laurence is rather kind.  Although he does have his rough spots, (he doesn’t like Laurie to practice piano and he keeps Laurie shut in the house a lot) he justifies these, with what he believes to be, good reasons for his actions.  He is also generous.  He gives to the March family many things including a Christmas surprise before the two households are good friends, help when members of the March family are ill, and he gives Beth a piano.

Neither the musical nor the movie justly represents the character of Mr. Laurence in the book.  The shaping of her characters was done very well by Louisa May Alcott and perhaps those who write the adaptations cannot recreate the character.

The movie character is simply not seen very often.  He plays a large part in the book, however.  Perhaps the writers of the movie did not see his role as vital.

The musical character of Mr. Laurence is hostile.  For instance, when Jo chops down a tree on his property to use as a Christmas tree, he arrives shortly at the March home.  He demands that the tree be returned and Jo offers to chop wood for him for two weeks to pay for the loss of the tree.  He immediately counters ‘A month!’, which she agrees to.  He does eventually have a change of heart.

Part 4 temporarily concludes ‘Thoughts on Little Women‘.  If you have anything to add, post a comment!


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