Report on: A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol

                A Christmas Carol was written many decades ago by Charles Dickens.  Most everyone has heard of this book or of this author.  A Christmas Carol has been put to stage and made into a musical, along with a number of live action and cartoon movies.

The main character in this story is a man named Ebenezer Scrooge.  He is an old miser with a love only for money.  In the story, he is haunted by four ghosts.   The first ghost is Scrooge’s seven years dead partner, Jacob Marley.  Marley tells Scrooge of the Spirits to come.  Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas past, a small white being, who shows Scrooge his past.  The Ghost of Christmas Present, a jolly old fellow, shows Scrooge his nephew, having a happy party, and other events.  The Ghost of Christmas Future, a black cloaked Phantom, terrifies Scrooge by showing him what will occur after his death.

Scrooge learns that he must be kind and good-hearted if he wishes to escape his horrifying future.  In the end, Scrooge’s heart is turned around along with his life.  He gives gifts to the poor and in need.  He raises his struggling clerk’s salary, to insure that the clerk can care for his large family of eight.

Scrooge became a completely changed man, thanks to the visits of those four ghosts, who showed him what would happen if the future went unaltered.


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