How to Make a Cattail Fishing Pole


Ever feel like Tom Sawyer?  With the instructions below, you can hop in a row boat and fish any time you want.


  • Sturdy cat tale
  • Knife
  • Fishing line or yarn
  • Paper clip
  • Soggy dog food or other bait (marshmallow works too)


  1. Strip the cat tale so you have only the stock.  Now cut off the skinny part and hot dog looking part.  The entire pole needs to be sturdy and not flimsy.
  2. Cut a slit at the end of the pole.
  3. Wrap and tie the fishing line/yarn around the end and sliding it underneath the slit so it stays firmly.
  4. Bend a paper clip to use as the hook.  Tie the paper clip to the opposite end of the fishing line/yarn. 
  5. Attach a piece of soggy dog food to the paper clip hook.  Dog food kibbles work better than marshmallows, because the dog food will stay on the hook after a fish bites, while the marshmallow will slip off.  

Tip: If you pull the fish with the fishing pole, the pole may break.  Instead, when a fish is on the line, grab the yarn and pull with that.  This will be much more effective.


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