Before the method of raised dots, reading for the blind was difficult and sometimes impossible.  Large raised letters made up books.  These letters took up much of a page, therefore making the books huge and expensive.

Louise Braille went blind at the age of 3 because of an accident in his father’s shop. He attended school for the blind.  He disliked the fact that reading was hard and books for him were scarce.  He was determined to create a new, easier way for the blind to read.

After many years, he created the six dot braille cell.

Letters in braille are all used of the six dots in the braille cell.  Below are some punctuation marks in braille, along with other important things to know when reading in braille.

Sighted people can read braille by memorizing the pattern of the letters.  However, when writing braille with a stylus and slate, it

is necessary to know the numbers of each dot in the cell.  For example, you would know that the letter ‘C’ is made by using dots 1 and 4.  The reason for this is to use a slate you must write from right to left, therefore the dots would be opposite of how they look above.  If the number of dots is memorized, than the numbers merely need to be flipped rather than written‘’backwards’.

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