A Poem: A Choice


By Victoria L. Smith

Some live life

Full of strife

With no true help in sight

They live in the night

deceiving fake rays of light

flitter, then are gone

and not a sign of dawn

appears in the sky

Some others have hope,

they have joy and cope

those in the dark say

the joyful complete the task

they wear no mask

how can it be so

What do we not know?

The ones in the light keep

they do not tell a peep

How His love is wide and deep

Why are they still?

Why are we still?

Those in the dark need Him

Tell them what He gave, hurry!

They are on a fragile limb

before they pass

You must try!

Before the limb does break

You on an eternal branch!

Before they die!

Their world you may shake

Save them, I cry!

Will you step out and tell what He did send?

Or will you watch ‘till the end

and walk away after, without thought

think of which you ought

Which would you want more

a life with Him

or a life in sin?

If it were you

what would you do?


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