Jumbled Words

Jmbelud Wrdosjigsaw

It has been found that when all the letters in a word are mixed up besides the first and last it can still be read fluently.  Can you read the jumbled words below?

Below are some poems.  The name, author, and poem will be jumbled.  View answers here.


Wtihte Felids


Jmeas Seeptnehs (1.)

In the wentir tmie we go

Wilkang in the fdelis of sonw;

Weher trehe is no gasrs at all;

Weehr the top of ervey wlal,

Erevy fcene and erevy tere,

Is as withe as wthie  can be.



The Mmeran


Arlefd Toeynsnn (1.)

Who wluod be

A mmraen blod,

Sttniig anloe,

Siinngg aonle

Uendr the sea,

Wtih a cwron of glod,

On a tnrhoe?



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